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This website will give you an overview in English of my services. I am an attorney at law in Berlin and my area of specialty is intellectual property law, which covers laws governing trademarks, copyright, patents and restraint of trade. A valuable introduction to this important field of law can be found in the English language publications WIPO Intellectual Property Handbook: Policy, Law and Use and WIPO GUIDE TO INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY WORLDWIDE, both issued by the World Intellectual Property Organization.

Some of my clients are of Eastern European and especially Russian and Ukrainian background. This is why I am familiar with such issues as trademark infringement as it relates to the importation of goods into Germany.

You have probably visited this site because you have a particular legal problem on your mind. Legal services can be very expensive, so let me assure you that we will first discuss the matter of fees and your needs at the outset at no charge to you. Feel free to contact me by phone or mail at any time.


Click to enlarge mapPeter Kraus, LL.M.
Attorney at law
Friedrichstrasse 95

D-10117 Berlin

Phone: + 49 (30) 20 67 98 53
Fax: + 49 (30) 20 91 17 43

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10117 BERLIN
FON: (030) 20 67 98 53
FAX: (030) 20 91 17 43